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(Apr 03) Daily Digest: Why Bitcoin is Different, Google Bans Mining Extensions, John McAfee is Charging 100k for promoting ICOs

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“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”

Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft

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News Digest


Blockchain technology and developement


Anti-fraud blockchain for invoice financing goes live  AmericanBanker



Law and regulations


Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions From Chrome Web Store  HackerNews


How Active Crypto Traders Can Save on US Taxes  CoinDesk





Breaking: Trading Platform Monex Offers To Buy Coincheck Crypto Exchange For “Blns Of Yen”  CoinTelegraph





Bitcoin Network Researchers See ‘Substantial’ Overvaluation  Bloomberg


Japan’s Central Bank Wants You to Be Wary of Cryptocurrencies  Bloomberg


Why Bitcoin is Different  Medium


The Crypto Hedge-Fund Bubble Is Starting to Deflate  Bloomberg





John McAfee is charging $105,000 for tweets promoting ICOs  Cnet


Blockchain, Africa and everybody trying to “make a difference” in Africa  Hackernoon


Should You Use Student Loan Cash To Buy Bitcoin?  Forbes



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• Cool Cousin (see more)

• Fund Platform (see more)

• Seele (see more)

• Traceto (see more)

• McFly.aero (see more)

• LiveContracts (see more)

• Token Changer (see more)

• coinadvisor (see more)

• Photochain (see more)

• Skillchain (see more)




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