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(Apr 07) Daily Digest: “I Just Discovered I Owe The IRS $50,000 I Don’t Have, Because I Traded Cryptos”, Tax Troubles For Bitcoin Traders, Soros HODL

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“The worse a situation becomes, the less it takes to turn it around, and the bigger the upside.”

George Soros

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Law and regulations


India, Pakistan central banks clamp down on crypto-currencies  Reuters


“I Just Discovered I Owe The IRS $50,000 I Don’t Have, Because I Traded Cryptos”  ZeroHedge


Tax Trouble For Certain Bitcoin Traders  Forbes





Hacked Crypto Exchange Sold for $34 Million  Bloomberg





Bitcoin Could Suffer The Same Fate As The Tech Bubble, Only Faster  Forbes


In India, Ethereum’s the New King of Cryptocurrency, not Bitcoin  BTCManager


An Overview of Stablecoins  Hackernoon


There Is A Huge Necessity For Market Makers In The Crypto Industry And Most Crypto Projects Still Don’t Understand Why  Hackernoon


George Soros Prepares to Trade Cryptocurrencies  Bloomberg




Credit Suisse Banker Known for Preaching Crypto Is Leaving  Bloomberg


Bitcoin Industry Grapples With Age-Old Problem of Inheritance  Bloomberg




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