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(Apr 12) Daily Digest: Blockchain alone won’t fix Facebook problem, Goodbye to ‘Hodl’ Life, Vietnam Investigates ICO Fraud After $660mln. Losses

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“I’m convinced 100% that crypto is the future, I just know it will happen.”

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO

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Blockchain technology and developement


Blockchains Alone Won’t Fix the Facebook Problem  Coindesk


Gamers And Investors Bet Big On Cryptocurrency And Blockchain In The Gaming Industry  Forbes


Indian Government Turns to Blockchain to Crackdown on Fake Drugs  Yahoo


FOAM: The Importance of Time Synchronization  Medium


Law and regulations


JPMorgan Sued Over Cash Advance Fees for Cryptocurrency Purchases  Bloomberg




Bitcoin Purists Appear to Saying Goodbye to ‘HODL’ Life  Bloomberg


Cryptocurrency Fraud Widespread, Warns Regulator Forbes


ico world


Vietnam Investigates ICO Fraud After $660 Million in Losses Reported  Coindesk




This Japanese Firm Is Paying Employees In Bitcoin  ZeroHedge


How to Set Up a Bitcoin Lightning Network Node (4 Easy Steps)  Hackernoon



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