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Bezant after listing review: looks like a solid project. ROI: 80%

Bezant (BZNT)

A decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime based on the Ethereum blockchain.


Category: Payments

Raised: $27,500,000 OF $40,000,000 (69%)

Sold on pre-sale: 16,800,000 USD (UP TO 60% BONUS)

Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Token type: ERC20










Team: A great and competent team.

• Consists of 20+ full-time developers: including 10 developers who worked at KAKAO building large scale mobile platforms for Games, Commerce, Payments, and Virtual items
• Head of Cryptocurrency strategy and product development is DAESIK KIM, Founder of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, BITHUMB.
• Investors and Advisors: DS Asset Management (2nd largest shareholder in CoinOne Exchange), DayLi Financial (Shareholder in Coinone Exchange and ICON), Blockwater Capital, Coinhills.



The Bezant Blockchain is a Service platform providing Content developers and eCommerce merchants a disruptive way to sell to customers:
• Allow anyone to setup their own global content or eCommerce store—no more need to sell on Google Play and Amazon.
• Local payment methods accepted from anywhere in the world
• Eliminate expensive Store fees (30%) and provide instant payments to sellers (merchants)



 Transparent information on pre-sale.
• Nice profit from ICO price, especially considering that ICOs of financial market were performing poorly in 2018.

• Nice Idea.

• Great team.



• Quite high hard-cap compared to competitors.
• Very strong competitors (OMG etc)
• Up to 60% bonus on pre-sale.



Looks like a solid project.


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