Bitcoin Segwit2x coming out

ICO Daily (29 Dec): New Segwit2x Launches With Massive Premine, Unknown Team 

The new SegWit2x, a revival of the original hard forkdesigned to help with the scalability issues of Bitcoin, was scheduled to happen at Bitcoin block number 501451. That block was mined at around 6PM UTC, Dec. 28, and the team behind the project announced its official launch. Read more in today’s blog post.

Bitcoin Segwit2x

ICO Daily (28 Dec): Bitcoin Segwit2x Scheduled for December 28th

Last week, the Segwit 2x team indicated in a CCN press release that they were planning to move forward with their proposed hard fork in the coming weeks. Now, Segwit 2x lead developer Jaap Terlouw has confirmed on the project’s website that the team will finally execute the fork on December 28th. Read more in today’s blog post.

Death of ICO

ICO Daily (27 Dec): Death of ICO and Other Predictions

“Cryptocurrency” became a major buzzword in 2017. Suddenly, all eyes were on these new assets with speculators jumping into the market in droves and regulators heavily scrutinizing them. In fact, in early December, the combined market capitalization of all digital currencies surpassed that of JPMorgan, the biggest U.S. bank. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) similarly exploded, raising hundreds of millions of dollars around the world in a matter of months. Read more in today’s blog post.

Telegram blockchain

ICO Daily (22 Dec): Telegram to Release Blockchain Platform, Native Crypto

The popular encrypted messaging app Telegram will launch its own Blockchain platform and cryptocurrency, according to sources familiar with the matter. The new platform will be dubbed either “The Open Network” or “Telegram Open Network” (TON) and is supposed to be based on an improved version of Blockchain technology. Read more in today’s blog post.

Cryptocurrency not credible

ICO Daily (21 Dec): “Not a Credible Currency”: Japan’s Finance Minister

In a statement Tuesday, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso claimed that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin has yet to prove itself as a “credible currency”. He also added that virtual currencies in general are not widely used in Japan. His statement was in response to questions about his position on French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire’s recent statement that he wants Bitcoin and its regulation to be a topic of discussion at the 2018 G20 summit. Read more in today’s blog post.