IQeon get paid for high IQ

ICO Daily (12 Dec): IQeon – Getting Paid For Your IQ

According to statistics, 97% of players are not able to monetize their winnings and achievements, so to say, convert them into fiat money. Those who make attempts often face fraud, loss of earnings and virtual achievements (for example, as a result of account blocking). Read more in today’s blog post.

CBOE Bitcoin

ICO Daily (11 Dec): CBOE Launches Bitcoin Futures, Site Crashes

In a vindication of cryptocurrency exchanges which have had their share of growing pains this year, CBOE launched Bitcoin futures trading at 5 PM Central time and their website went down within minutes. CBOE has confirmed that the slowness (and 404 errors) users are receiving are due to much higher than normal traffic. Read More in Today’s Blog Post.


ICO Daily (8 Dec): Cryptokitties Crashes Ethereum – ICOs Can’t Launch

Digital cat on CryptoKitties was sold for $117,712, CryptoKitties has become the largest decentralized application on the Ethereum protocol, accounting for more than 13 percent of the network’s transactions. Read more in today’s blog post.

nicehash hacked

ICO Daily (7 Dec): Nicehash Hacked – $60 Million Worth Of Bitcoin Stolen

The mining service Nicehash was reportedly hacked today, with over $60 mln in funds stolen. Users report that funds have been moved from their own internal Nicehash Bitcoin addresses to a single Bitcoin address controlled by an unknown party. The company released a statement on Reddit. Read more in today’s blog post.

Dash Coin Adoption

ICO Daily (6 Dec): Dash Aims For Mass Adoption. New Integration

After remaining quiescent since early September, Dash has enjoyed a substantial run recently. Beginning November 12, the price of Dash shot up from $310 to visit lofty heights above $800. At press time, the currency trades for $750. Read more in today’s blog post.