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Cryptocurrency Market Stalls at $380 Billion, is Bitcoin Ready to Climb Up? 

Quote of the day

“For the investor, a too-high purchase price for the stock of an excellent company can undo the effects of a subsequent decade of favorable business developments. ”

Warren Buffett, 1982 letter to shareholders




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News Digest

Blockchain technology and developement


First Results of Sierra Leone’s Blockchain Vote Are In 

“Blockchain startup Agora has published what appears to be the earliest results for the hotly contested Sierra Leone election, the first presidential vote tracked using the technology.” Read more.


How to Decentralize Travel Monopolies, Explained 

“Smart contracts help to create trustless systems that do not need intermediaries or escrows..” Read more.




Laws and regulations


Former Thai Finance Minister Calls for Crypto Regulation 

“A former finance minister of Thailand has voiced his support for new regulations around cryptocurrency trading and initial coin offerings (ICOs).” Read more.


Officials from Upstate New York Town Seek to Ban Bitcoin Mining 

 “Plattsburgh, NY city officials want to reserve their cheap electricity for non-crypto economic development.” Read more.






Finnish Crypto Exchange Risks Collapse As Banks Refuse To Do Business

“ Finnish cryptocurrency exchange and crypto wallet services provider Prasos Oyis one step from being “frozen” Read more.







Making Sense of Crypto Asset Valuation Insanity 

“Cryptocurrency investors are blind to the most important factor of any investment – valuation.” Read more.


Bitcoin Cash is Up 5% on the Day in Contrast to Market Retreat 

“Bitcoin Cash is gradually trying to maintain its position above $1,000 – at the time of writing, it is valued at 1,068.87.” Read more.


Cryptocurrency Market Stalls at $380 Billion, is Bitcoin Ready to Climb Up? 

“The cryptocurrency market has been highly volatile throughout this week, as major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash have continued to move in between $340 billion and $380 billion.” Read more.






Ponzis and Death: The Stranger Ways to Lose Your Crypto

“Bitcoin Ponzi scams are raking in millions – all without much effort.” Read more.




List of ICOs that start today (12 mar)

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• YourBlock (see more)

• TIM (see more)

• iShook (see more)

• Thrintel Market (see more)


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