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Hottest Crypto News to Digest (Mar 10)

Quote of the day

“IRS says crypto is property. SEC (maybe) says its a security. FinCEN says its money. They cannot legally ALL be true. The only thing that is 100% certain is that crypto defies classification — so it’s mostly likely an entirely new species of thing.”

Mark Jeffrey. Founder & CEO, Guardian Circle.



Graph of the day

Graph of the day 03-10



News Digest

Blockchain technology and developement


Why Accenture Has The Most Blockchain Job Openings In The World 

“While Bitcoin is based on a public ledger that anyone can use to make secure financial transactions, Accenture is focused on building private blockchains that only its clients, their business partners and customers can access.” Read more.


South Korea’s Largest Crypto Exchange Bithumb To Supply Crypto Kiosks To Restaurants 

 “<..>an option for customers to pay for their food orders with their Bithumb crypto holdings..” Read more.


Buterin Presents Blockchain Scaling Solution That Could Make Exchanges ‘Hack Resistant’

“Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, presented a Blockchain scaling solution called Plasma Cash..” Read more.



Laws and regulations


Bitcoin Dealer Plays Cat and Mouse With Banks Closing Accounts 

“One of the Nordic region’s biggest Bitcoin dealers, Prasos Oy, has one lifeline left..” Read more.


China Will Move Slowly to Regulate Cryptocurrency: Central Bank Governor

 “While it does not recognize bitcoin as a payment tool, China recognizes that digital currency is inevitable and is in no hurry to regulate cryptocurrencies..” Read more.






Changpeng Zhao Traps the Binance Hackers in a First For a Crypto Exchange 

“ <…>hackers must be thinking more than twice before trying to hack another hacker.Read more.


Bitcoin Exchange Prasos Falling out of Favor with Finnish Banks 

“Banks in Finland are turning down business with a large Nordic cryptocurrency exchange.” Read more.


Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Explained

What is a Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Read more.






Bitcoin Is Ridiculous. Blockchain Is Dangerous 

 “On the days when Bitcoin crashes, a holiday atmosphere takes over in my corners of the internet..” Read more.


Report Alleges Egyptian Government is Secretly Mining Cryptocurrencies on Citizens’ Devices 

“An investigation by The Citizen lab has found evidence that Egyptian authorities are mining cryptocurrencies on citizen’s computers and laptops.” Read more.




ICO World


Fake ‘Telegram ICO’ Websites Just Won’t Go Away

 “Would-be investors in Telegram’s multibillion-dollar initial coin offering (ICO) have quickly become a favorite  target for scammers.” Read more.






Twitter Is a Hotbed for Crypto Scams

“Here’s a quiz: which one of these Twitter accounts has received the extra layer of trust that comes from being a verified user?” Read more.




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