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Fujinto (Cryptocurrency)

The FUJINTO token is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain platform and is not controlled by any central authorities.
NTO is the symbol of FUJINTO token, like JPY or USD.
NTO was created to be a cryptocurrency to pay for hotel or travel ticket reservations. NTO is the open source cryptocurrency, using advanced blockchain technology. With NTO your money will be stored in your personal purse, strictly confidential and absolutely private. At the transaction, money from the sending account will come directly to the recipient, not through any intermediaries.

Ended: NOT SET

$17,566,200 OF $60,000 (29277%) WHITEPAPER


  • Ticker:NTO
  • Token price:0.07 USD
  • Hard cap:60,000 USD
  • Total token supply:400,000,000
  • Payment methods:ETH