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s3entigrapH (Other)

Take a moment to think about the events that occur in your life, school, place of work, city, and the world at large. Have you thought about how they affect our emotions, moods, and state of mind? How about the feelings of your friends, loved ones and neighbors. s3ntigraph is a concise, carefully implemented distributed application that will keep track of your sentiments each time you communicate with it, as well as that of your "neighbors" in the blockchain network. s3ntigraph is able to do this with the help of IBM's Watson! s3ntigraph will not only keep the cumulative sentiments of all neighbors, but will chart them. The team at s3ntigraph is highly and sincerely dedicated in making the world a better place.

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  • Ticker:Graph
  • Total token supply:150,000
  • Payment methods:BTC, ETH, WAVES