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Smart Investment Fund

Smart Investment Fund (Investment)

Smart Investment Fund is a new high yield dividend fund that will trade blockchain assets using a proprietary method of financial trading called Smart Volume Analysis (Smart VSA) and offers up to 40% per year ROI to investors through dividends and asset value appreciation. It is being offered by the creators of Smart Trader, a volume analysis trading platform with a decade of experience and custom algorithms that support thousands of traders every day. These AI algorithms have now been enhanced and tested against blockchain assets. The fund is structured to minimize risk; all funds are kept in USD, EUR or GBP when not involved in a trade, a prudent reserve is kept at all times, company assets are externally audited and published to the blockchain and investors are given voting rights in the direction of the fund.

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  • Ticker:SIFT
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Token price:2.60 USD
  • Payment methods:ETH