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Libra credit after listing review: looks nice on paper. ROI: 258%

Libra Credit (LBA)

A decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime based on the Ethereum blockchain.


Category: Finance

Raised: $26,400,000 OF $26,400,000 (100%)

Sold on pre-sale: 14,400,000 USD (25% BONUS)

Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Token type: ERC20
Tokens that were available for sale: 40%
Telegram: 97k+

Libra Credit is a decentralized lending ecosystem that will facilitate open access to credit based on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be launched with crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat lending to form an ecosystem that encompasses:

  • In-house proprietary AI-based credit models
  • Customer acquisition & E-wallet partnership
  • Lenders & stable-coin partnership to drive liquidity
  • Extensive exchange partnership network
  • Identity verification partnership network

LBA Token:

Membership – Platform access fee that allows borrowers to submit loan applications.

Transactions – Medium of exchange on the Libra Credit platform, service fees for successful transactions.

Rewards – Token rewards will be granted to stakeholders that contribute to the project through development or referrals.

Governance – LBA token holders will have the right to vote on specific projects and proposals to facilitate platform development.

As the usage of LBA tokens is tied to the level of activities of the Libra Credit platform, the more activities the platform has (in terms of members and loans transacted), the more valuable LBA tokens should be.


Team: A great and competent team.


 Transparent information on pre-sale.
• Huge and loyal community.
• Nice profit from ICO price, especially considering that ICOs of financial market were performing poorly in 2018.

• Nice Idea.

• Great team.



• Quite high hard-cap compared to competitors (e.g. Lendingblock)
• Competitors.
• 25% bonus for pre-sale.



On paper Libra Credit looks amazing + nice performance of the price so far and we get a very tempting project. 


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