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(Mar 21) Daily Digest: Bitcoin under attack — responding to 7 arguments against cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency Protocols Are Like Onions.” 

Vitalik Buterin, ETH co-founder



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Blockchain technology and development


Bitcoin under attack — responding to 7 arguments against cryptocurrency 

“They miss the big picture.” Read more.



The Authoritative Guide to Blockchain Development 

“Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, magic internet money—it’s all so damn exciting, and you, the eager developer, want to get in on the madness. Where do you start?” Read more.


How Much Should A Blockchain Cost? The Compelling Case for Higher Fees 

“According to a group of researchers, cryptocurrency users are a bunch of free-loaders.” Read more.


“Vasant Prabhu, Visa Inc. chief financial officer, discusses the company’s growth opportunities and challenges, competing with Amazon and his views on cryptocurrencies.” Read more.


What a Facebook Blockchain Token Might Look Like 

“This, I believe, is how Facebook could best resolve its dilemma, giving both shareholders and users a valuable stake in the future growth of its platform under a more decentralized set of rules.” Read more.



Laws and regulations


“I am sorry I cannot help you” – Judge responds to defrauded cryptocurrency investors 

“The recent flourishing of cryptocurrency scams appears to have created confusion and real havoc among their victims as defrauded investors are now seeking to approach all possible institutions in their efforts to get their money back.” Read more.


This Is Why The Venezuela Cryptocurrency Matters 

“Fiat digital coins are coming. And the concept is just as clunky as the name.” Read more.


G20 Confirms There Is No Need to Regulate Cryptocurrencies as of Right Now 

A lot of people are concerned that the G20 will crack down on cryptocurrency and potentially even ban Bitcoin and altcoins. So far, it seems those concerns are unnecessary, as the group has no immediate plans to intervene in this industry.Read more.






The Rising Problem of Crypto Theft, and How to Protect Yourself 

“Today’s infographic from CryptoGo shows that as cryptocurrencies rise in prominence, so does its appeal to hackers, criminals, and other bad actors.” Read more.


How Can You Best Protect Your Cryptocurrency? 

“If you hold cryptocurrency – or plan on doing so – you should seek the advice of an information security professional about the best ways to secure your assets” Read more.




ICO World


Switzerland Settles as the World’s Leading ICO Hub 

“The Swiss are smart.  They have always been with money.” Read more.




Wall Street Bitcoin Pioneer Quits Wedbush for Blockchain Startup 

“Nearly 16.3 million Americans, or 8 percent of the country, own some form of cryptocurrency, according to a new survey by Finder.com, which also found slightly more than 5 percent of Americans owned Bitcoin.” Read more.




List of ICOs that start further this week (Mar 23-25)

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• mytime (see more)

• Bitnation (see more)




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