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(Mar 22) Daily Digest: Top 100 Influential People in Crypto. Microsoft, Google, Huawei, Starbucks Turn to Blockchain

Quote of the day

The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency, I personally believe that it will be Bitcoin.” 

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO



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News Digest


Blockchain technology and development


Starbucks explores potential use of blockchain tech for ‘bean to cup’ pilot program  Read more.


How Blockchain Technology Could Solve Three Problems Plaguing the Art Industry  Read more.


Google developing its own Blockchain product  Read more.


Microsoft helps launch world’s first blockchain-based investment product   Read more.


Huawei Is in Talks to Build a Blockchain-Ready Smartphone   Read more.


Blockchain without Bitcoin   Read more.



Laws and regulations


UK Government Launches Crypto ‘Task Force’ n Read more. 






Cryptocurrency Market Remains Stable at $350 Billion, Bitcoin at $9,000  Read more.


Twitter CEO: Bitcoin Will Be the World’s “Single Currency”  Read more.






Top 100 Influential Crypto People  Read more.




List of ICOs that start further this week (Mar 23-25)

• ubiatarplay.io (see more)

• MDL Talent Hub (see more)

• mytime (see more)

• Bitnation (see more)




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