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(Mar 31) Daily Digest: Taxing All Bitcoin Buying Will Backfire, The Limits of Crypto-economic Governance, Future of Bitcoin

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“Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.”

Marc Kenigsberg, Bitcoinchaser Founder

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Blockchain technology and developement



Indian State Government Plans to Store Residents’ DNA Data on a Blockchain  TheMerkle


Seoul Mayor Aims To Launch Capital’s Own Crypto, Establish Better Environment For Blockchain Startups  CoinTelegraph


Newegg Enables Cryptocurrency Payments for Canadian Customers  Bitcoin


Law and regulations


Taxing All Bitcoin Buying Will Backfire for the IRS  Coindesk

The Limits of Crypto-economic Governance  Medium






Is The Bitcoin Price Finally Reaching Its Bottom?  Forbes


Bitcoin Tumbles Almost 20% as Crypto Backlash Accelerates  Bloomberg


How network theory predicts the value of Bitcoin  Technologyreview



ico world



Telegram raises $1.7B in largest ICO in history  NYpost






Where are all the Virtual Reality investors? Medium


A Bitcoin Conference Rented a Miami Strip Club—and Regretted It  Bloomberg


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Crypto Billionaires’ Net Worth Falls By Billions  Forbes


Handing your Happiness to Mr. (Crypto) Market  Medium


The History of Money & the Future of Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Economy  Hackernoon



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