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Quarkchain after listing review: a new rocket to the moon fueled by scalability. ROI: 1167%

Quarkchain (QKC)

QuarkChain is a high-throughput blockchain that aims to achieve millions of transactions per second (TPS).


Category: Blockchain

Raised: $20,000,000 OF $20,000,000 (100%)

Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000
Token type: ERC20
Tokens that were available for sale: 20%
Telegram: 81k+
QuarkChain aims to build a user-friendly, decentralized and reliable blockchain that can ultimately handle millions of transactions per second. Moreover, they are the first scalability blockhain that will support smart contracts with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). What does this mean? It means that the developers will be able to easily port and deploy dApps onto Quarkchain, so that the projects, that require high scalability (like Crypto Kitties) will transfer their dApps from Ethereum to Quarkchain. This makes Quarkchain to instantly stand out from all the competitors and truly say that they are going to bring the blockchain to mainstream audience. With this in mind they’ve set out to build a platform capable of supporting industries ranging from FinTech to gaming and social media.


Team: The kind of team you would like to see in the projects for potential investment. Team members come from huge companies like: Google, Instagram, Facebook etc. with the experience in blockchain development, cyber security, leadership and finance.


  • Qi Zhou, Founder: Expert in high-performance systems. Received a Ph.D. and M.S. from Georgia Institute of Technology. Previously worked with Facebook, Dell and Google.
  • Zhaoguang Wang, Core Engineer: Expert in large scale distributed systems. Master in Computer Science from University of Michigan. Previously worked with Instagram, Facebook and Google.
  • Xiaoli Ma, Research Scientist: Expert in signal processing for wireless systems, an IoT and big data professor, as well as IEEE fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a  Co-Founder, CTO of Ratrix Technologies, LLC.

Pros: Lots of things:
 Recently the biggest listing with 1167% ROI.
• Huge community and hype.
• Will support smart contracts by EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) which is huge deal.
• TPS up to 1,000,000 transactions per second.

• Very competent team.

• Low hardcap.

• Listed on Binance.


• Ethereum might be implemented with a sharding technology + other competitors (Ziliqa etc.)
• Really depends on user adoption and developers transfering their dApps onto Quarkchain.
• 16mln out of 20mln was sold on private sale.



We honestly believe that Quarkchain might be the next revolutionary project that is going to bring blockchain to the masses. Fueled by their amazing technology and the team, Quarkchain currently stands out from the competitors. If you missed the last years rockets to the moon, this might be the next one. 


ExchangeListing dateICO end dateICO price, USDStart trading price, USDChange, %
Kucoin, Binance04/06/201803/06/2018 0.01970.231167%




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