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Stats of Recently Listed Tokens: Apex, Wawllet, Fidelium, TokenDesk: from 0% to -97%

Apex (CPX)

APEX passes value and data ownership back to consumers, increases marketing effectiveness, data quality, and customer loyalty. Powered by NEO.


Category: Blockchain Service

Raised: $25,000,000 OF $25,000,000 (100%)

Tokens That were available for sale: 50%
Time in which tokens were sold: 2 hours.
Team From: China
Telegram: 16k+

Team: The team that you want to see in the projects for investment. Very competent and experienced.


Pros: The company behind APEX is Chinapex, which is leading AI and data technology company based in Shanghai. And of course, the team. Also, the start listing price was the same as ICO price, even after the market droped heavily since January + currently the volume is pretty high ($5mln+).

Cons: Quite a lot of private investors + relatively big bonus in private sale. Also, they are going to build their own blockchain, which we do not see as necessary. Why would they try to reinvent the wheel, when there are other already made enterprise ready blockchains.
Conclusion: There is a reason why:

• There were many private investors.

• Tokens were sold in 2 hours.

• No change in ICO price and listing price even after market dropped heavily since January.

• Quite high volume so far for a newly listed token, and the price is going up.


Overall serious and solid project.


ExchangeListing dateICO end dateICO price, USDStart trading price, USDChange, %

Wawllet (WIN)

Wawllet is the worlds first first multi-asset wallet and financial passport.


Category: Banking, wallet

Raised: $55,000,000  56,642,698 tokens from 100,000,000

Tokens That were available for sale: 90%
Telegram: 7k+
Country: Cyprus
Pros: Hmm..
Cons: 44,000,00 Tokens were available in the Public ICO session, and 45,000,000 + unsold in Public session were for Hedge Funds and VCs. Obviously, when such amount goes to to private investors + on a cheaper price, there is no surprise why the token price is -90%. This fact alone speaks for itself. Live version should be out only in June, 2019. No team, on their website either.
Conclusion: Basically looks like a scam.
ExchangeListing dateICO end dateICO price, USDStart trading price, USDChange, %

Fidelium (FID)

Fidelium offers the very first cross-exchange trading platform for cryptocurrency. Fidelium’s trading system, named “Fortress,” enables users to trade at multiple exchanges around the world at once, within a single trading platform.






Category: Trading Platform

Raised: $10,000,000 OF $47,000,000

Bonus: 10-40%
Tokens That were available for sale: 50%
Country: USA
Telegram: 10k+

Team: A bit lacking. Nobody really stands out.


Pros: Reached the softcap. First important deadline is not far away. The first version of their product should be out it May, 2018.

Cons: Despite allocating 30% of the total token supply for marketing, they had very hard time attracting investors. Again it is another Jack of All Trades project and that does not add trust. They want to make cross-exchange trading platform + multi-coin wallet + debit card that you can pay with or withdraw anywhere in the world. A bit ambitious isn’t it? For such a project you really need a good team and Fidelium might be just lacking there.
Conclusion: An interesting idea, but there are doubts if they will be able to actually make it.


ExchangeListing dateICO end dateICO price, USDStart trading price, USDChange, %

TokenDesk (TDS)

Tokens repurchase program Cash back for Token holders up to 4.5% Discount programmes up to 80% for Tokendesk token holders.


Category: ICO Marketplace

Raised: 10,281,880 of 20,000,000 Tokens (50%)

Bonus: up to 55%
Tokens For Public: 70%
Team From: Lithuania
Telegram: 12k+

Team: Strong Board of Directors.


Pros: Already have a product. The project wants to solve the problems of it’s current competitors like integrating a wallet, having a user account, fiat payment and direct ICO purchase.

Cons: According to the road-map they should have had main version out by 10th of April, whereas it is still alpha or beta now (in one page it says Alpha, on another Beta). Huge, absurd change from the ICO price to start trading price.
Conclusion: Could be an interesting project, that at least has some kind of a product right now, but their deviations from roadmap and abnormal price drop can not be ignored.
ExchangeListing dateICO end dateICO price, USDStart trading price, USDChange, %
Yobit16/04/201826/03/20186.50.22 -97%



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