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Weekly Stats of Recently Listed Tokens: Odem and Polyswarm: from -8% to -70%


ODEM.IO is designed to empower students and corporate buyers of education to engage with top academics to create high-quality on-site educational experiences at a reasonable cost.


Raised: $4,000,000 of $12,000,000 (33%)

Unsold Tokens: Burned

Bonus: Up to 33%
Tokens That were available for sale: 60%
Country: Switzerland
Telegram: 9k+
Pros: Very competent team and advisory partners. Online education market right now has very high potential, but does not necessarily need blockchain though. The change between ICO price and start trading price really stands out as the minus is quite minor compared to the rest of the market right now.
Cons: Quite a lot of similar projects have emerged, so the competition is pretty high. Has yet to be listed on better exchanges. Also, in the chart today we see a strange 2.5x pump and dump which does not look realiably.
Conclusion: High potential market. Could possibly grow into something big in the future.




ExchangeListing dateICO end dateICO price, USDStart trading price, USDChange, %

Polyswarm (NCT)

PolySwarm is the first decentralized marketplace where security experts build anti-malware engines that compete to protect you.


Raised$25,930,000 of $50,000,000 (52%)

Bonus: UP TO 20%
Tokens That were available for sale: 70%
Based: British Virgin Islands
Telegram: 8k+
Pros: Nice team advisory board. Alpha version should be out on the 30 of April.
Cons: As with most current projects quite a big change from ICO price and as with most projects it is hard to say anything until there is at least some kind of product made.
Conclusion: Interesting project, but have to wait and see if they will deliver the product according to their roadmap.
ExchangeListing dateICO end dateICO price, USDStart trading price, USDChange, %



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